Peruvian pay TV operators which broadcast illegal content will lose concession

Peruvian Customs Crimes and Fight Against Piracy Commission (CLCDAP) which is chaired by that country’s Ministry Production, reported that the Transport and Communications Ministry (MTC) will remove its concession to those pay TV operators who broadcast illegal content, as stipulated in Supreme Decree N° 015, published by the entity last May 28th.

The previous mentioned Decree modifies the Peruvian Telecommunications Law’s General Regulations, and adds the distribution, redistribution, broadcastings, rebroadcastings and marketing of contents protected by copyright as a reason to remove pay TV operators concessions. Those companies to become sanctioned may request a new concession or authorization after five years from the resolution’s notification.

According to information developed by MTC, 29% of subscribers to pay TV companies in the country would have an undeclared service. In addition, activities related to piracy on the pay TV market generate losses valued at USD 72 million per year in the Peruvian State, and USD 171 million in the private sector.