Peruvian newspaper La Republica launches digital channel through OTT

RTV, the new Peruvian newspaper La Republica OTT digital channel, is now available. According to the media, journalistic and entertainment programs will be the streaming platform’s main contents. It can be downloaded through App Store and Google Play, and its contents are also available on its website,

The OTT offers programs such as Sin guión, Claro y Directo, Sigrid.PE and Tres D, all of them about political analysis. The catalog also includes the 10 Minutos newscast,   with the most relevant news of the day, interview programs such as La contra, Vive más, Entre patas and Recorte ciudadano, first complaint program where citizens acts as the main protagonist. Entertainment programs are included in the OTT contents too. The main ones are Buenazo, a program which central point is to show Peruvian food with simple recipes, and Peru Sorprende, an audiovisual proposal that invites people to get to know the country.

Augusto Alvarez Rodrich, La Republica’s journalist, said that ‘the main issue is that RTV catches La Republica Group’s journalistic spirit, of producing relevant content to the audience’. They change themselves and change the way they get informed’.