Pay-TV in Venezuela grew relatively in 2015 despite the national economic contraction


The National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) of Venezuela presented a report for the fourth quarter of 2015 in which it registered that the Pay-TV market in that country grew relatively by 10.54% annually (in local currency), with an increase in operating income of 14.4%.


The set of subscription TV operators totaled 5,019,597 subscribers, 478,768 of these new, and a household penetration of 68%. Satellite television accounted for 69% of the total, while Cable TV 31%.


DirecTV continues as market leader with a 40.9% market share, Cantv has 18%, Inter 15.1%, Telefonica 9.5%, NetUno 2.4% and other Pay-TV operators represent 13,8%. Pay-TV was the only segment that had subscriber growth within the telecommunications industry.


Despite the economic contraction affecting the country (5.7% of the national GDP) due to lack of foreign currency as a result of the fall in international oil prices, the telecom market was up 2.7% and revenues grew 45.2% (in local currency).