Pay TV reports more than 700 thousand subscribers and reaches its highest base in Bolivia

According to the latest report made by Bolivian Autoridad de Regulacion y Fiscalizacion de Telecomunicaciones y Transportes (ATT), the entity in charge of regulating and supervising telecommunications activities in the country, the pay TV market continues to rise and ended Q1 2021 with a total of 702,275 subscribers. This is the highest figure reported in the country in terms of TV subscriptions in these last years, which shows almost 80 thousand subscribers comparing it with the 622.3 with which the country ended 2020.

The reported figure is also higher than the 653.2 thousand subscribers with whom Bolivia ended 2019, thus managing to overcome the decline reported during the last quarter 2020, when the country reported the already mentioned 622.3 thousand customers hiring a pay TV offer.

ATT also reported that the highest number of pay TV subscribers as of March 31st, 2021 took place in Santa Cruz, which reported 222.2 thousand subscribers and 31.6% of the market share; followed by La Paz (214.9 thousand subscribers; 30.6%); Cochabamba (114.7 thousand clients; 16.3%); Tarija (41.6 thousand clients; 5.9%); Oruro (37.9 thousand subscribers; 5.4%); Potosí (29.4 thousand clients; 4.2%); Chuquisaca (19.6 thousand clients; 2.8%); Beni (17.9 thousand subscribers; 2.5%); and Pando (3.8 thousand subscribers; 0.5%).

One of the main news that will take place in the Bolivian pay TV market will be the launch of the new IPTV offer of the Cooperativa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones de Santa Cruz (Cotas), which will take place in September.

Rolando Barja, Director of Coaxial Networks at Cotas, is one of the confirmed speakers for the coming Nextv Series South America’s virtual edition, to be held by Dataxis. The event will take place on Wednesday, September 1st and Thursday, September 2nd,  both days starting at 9:00 AM (ART). Registration is now open, and can be done here.