Paulistão Play announces immersive experience over 5G network

Paulistão Play, the official OTT of the Brazilian soccer tournament, announced that for the 2022 season it will offer an immersive experience on the new 5G network. As detailed by the institution, it will work with a telco, which has not yet been revealed, to achieve a virtual reality experience, which will allow the public to see themselves within the same playing field from their own mobile devices.

Among the tools that the new product will bring, the service promises that users will be able to choose between exclusive angles of the court to follow the transmission, in addition to being able to simultaneously view a series of personalized statistics and a format of instant repetitions that will allow those who are in the stadium to watch the plays in more detail, immediately after they happened.

So far, the Paulista Championship is the first Brazilian sports tournament to promote the benefits of 5G to its fans. According to the news portal TelaViva, the platform also plans to launch an “in situ” virtual reality experience within the stadium, through a 5G box and special lenses.