Paraguay to tender new DTT licenses in 2018

The president of the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) of Paraguay, Teresita Palacios, said that in 2018 three other DTT channels will be tendered, local daily La Nación reported. Meanwhile, this year a tender of one DTT channel is still pending.

Conatel is currently studying the offers presented at the beginning of March by Mercuria SA and DTH Magnetic to operate two DTT channels. Only these two companies submitted bids for two out of three DTT licenses available in the process. According to Palacios, in May or June Conatel will analyze tendering the third available channel and will also study the possibility of open a tender for more channels in 2018.

The amount to be paid for the new licenses will not change compared to the first tendered channels, which had a base price of G. 2 billion (USD 349 million).

La Nación daily also reported that Conatel is working on the approval of digital TV sets to operate under the Japanese-Brazilian standard ISDB-T.