Paraguay plans how to implement the analog blackout, scheduled for 2020

According to what the Paraguayan National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) officially reported, and, with the aim of planning the analog blackout implementation, scheduled for next year in the country, an important meeting took place this Tuesday at the regulator’s auditorium between the entity’s senior officials and representatives from the Paraguayan TV Broadcasters Chamber (Catelpar) and the Independent TV Services providers of the whole country.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss how is DTT situation in Paraguay at the moment, and also to know responsables for TV operators point of view and to express the regulator’s position, in order to lay the groundwork for planning a logic analog blackout’s transition.

Eng. Jorge Domínguez, Radiocommunications Manager, Eng. Víctor Martínez, Technical Coordinator, and Eng. Hugo Azcurra, Head of the Broadcasting Department, took part of the meeting on behalf of Conatel. ‘I hope this meeting is the first of several that we are going to have. It is the National Government’s intention that the analogical blackout is implemented as soon as possible, but without neglecting TV operators and their realities, to achieve together a logic analog blackout’s transition”,  Martínez said at the beginning of the meeting.

Analog blackout’s implementation in Paraguay is scheduled for December 31st, 2020, and digital TV standard adapted by the country is the Japanese-Brazilian ISDB-T/SBTVD, as established by Decree No. 4,483 (June 1st, 2010).