Paraguay gets ready for analog blackout in 2020

Paraguay will start moving to digital terrestrial television (TDT) in all it homes by the end 2020, so that definitively in 2021 the analog blackout is carried out. For this reason, and although there will be previous trainings, National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) urged population to get ready by adapting its receiving equipment according to the new technology.

“Analog blackout will be next year, but people should know that Digital Terrestrial Television is already a reality in Paraguay,” said lawyer Andrés Gubetich, Conatel’s president, and pointed that technicians are working on new image and sound technology throughout the country.

There are currently six TDT operators in Paraguay. In Asunción and Central Department operate Paraguay HD Digital TV with a Full HD network on channel 15. On channel 18, Telefuturo and Noticias Paraguay are broadcast, both in full HD. In addition, channel 27 has RPC HD and Unicanal HD. And, added to that, at the moment, they also broadcast  DTT signals,in standard quality: Paravision on channel 19 and SNT Cerro Corá on channel 20. In Filadelfia, Chaco, the firm Red Chaqueña de Comunicaciones SA broadcast a DTT signal on channel 21.

Gubetich said that in order to “protect viewers”, Conatel set up a DTT laboratory where technical checks are carried out on TV reception equipment to determine if they meet new technologies demands.  TVs that approve the process are registered by Conatel and will have the sticker “Apt for digital television -TDT-“.

“We are preparing to spread  information and training regarding the transition to DTT to different types of public and private entities. In addition, we have plans to make the transition to DTT in different locations’, he concluded.