Oxxo launches new platform with live events in Mexico

Mexican stores network Oxxo has recently announced the launch of Oxxo Live, a new streaming platform whose catalog is made up of  several live events. As reported on its official web version, access to events can be done through computers, as well as from iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. Oxxo Live is compatible with Microsoft Edge and with current Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers versions.

‘We are constantly innovating and evaluating solutions to create growth opportunities in the medium and long term. For this reason, this year we launched Oxxo Live, a new entertainment entertainment streaming platform, where we offer the possibility of enjoying events such as gigs, festivals, stand up, gaming and many others, all with a single click and in one place’, they reported from the Corporate Communication area of ​​the company to the local newspaper Milenio.

The first live event broadcast on Oxxo Live was a show by Mexican musician Carlos Rivera, on January 15th, which was broadcast again the next day. Also, as reported on the platform’s web version, the next event to be broadcast will be a show by the Mexican pop duo Jesse & Joy. Likewise, from Oxxo Live they report that the events available there are only live, although they do not report whether they will broadcast future events other times, as was done with the Rivera show. Events available on Oxxo Live are not available to be watched on demand, unless the company so indicates. In the case of the Rivera show, the event had free access even outside Mexico.

To access Oxxo Live’s live events, it is required to have an internet connection of at least 5 MB available. The company reported that the OTT has free access events, and others exclusively for clients. In turn, users do not necessarily have to create an account on the platform to access some events, although there will be exclusive ones in which it will be necessary to have an active account.