OTT, TV Everywhere and apps see growth in Latam, according to Pay TV Innovation Forum


The research programme developed by Nagra – which includes 233 operators from around the world – has revealed its 2017 study in which it reported that Latin America has increased the offer of standalone OTT (+ 5%, to reach 22%, offers like DirecTV Now), where it still lags behind the rest of the global offering; holds a strong position in “TV Everywhere” (78%), and its executives see more opportunities in these services than their colleagues in Europe, Asia and North America.

The survey, conducted between April and July this year included 41 operators from the seven main countries in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. Within the core pay-TV offer, Latin America is close to the global average of IP-connected set-top boxes offer (where it grew annually by 5% with 78% of operators versus 84% in the world), behind North America (100%) and Europe (92%) but above Asia-Pacific (71%). The same for the DVR offer, where no growth were registered but the region recorded 80% and is close to the global average of 82%.

In the segment related to new features on top of the range STBs, Latin America is relegated when compared to Asia.  It has not had any development of voice remote control (15% in North America and 10% in Asia) and only 2% of 4K video offer, while the rest of the regions is above 20%. In recommendation systems the performance of the region is slightly better (15%), surpassing Asia, although far from 55% in North America and 25% in Europe. And it has made significant progress in third-party apps platforms in STBs (+ 8%, up to 22%), although it is still far from the global 45%.

Regarding the proportion of providers offering online TV services, Latin America is well positioned in TV Everywhere (78% versus the global average of 83% and over the 68% in Asia), but far behind of other regions in standalone OTT pay TV offer (22% versus 30% global, behind 28% in Asia) and had no App-based pay TV developments (mainly for mobiles), compared to 5% of operators in North America and Europe, and 3% in Asia. Despite this, 89% of Latin American executives believe there are commercial opportunities for App-based pay TV services, compared to 50% in North America and 54% in Europe. The same goes for independent standalone OTT pay TV offers: 78% of Latin American executives are optimistic, while only 63% and 64% see opportunities in North America and Europe respectively.

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