OTT platforms to have a Colombian content section

The Colombian Information and Communication Technologies Ministry (MinTIC) announced that, starting this year, digital platforms will have a section in the country that includes content made in Colombia.

To advance this commitment, the MinTIC published the draft decree that regulates article 154, so that those interested can participate with their contributions, comments and suggestions, with the aim of improving the initiative. According to what the entity has officially reported, the measure ‘is not about a minimum national content section (on OTT platforms). It is a section that makes Colombian productions visible so that they have even more participation in VOD platforms’. MinTIC commits itself to receive comments, suggestions and contributions until next Friday, March 27th. They can be sent via email, at

‘All these platforms will have an exclusive section that highlights Colombian content, as is happens today with productions in the US, Spain and other countries. It is an opportunity to make national productions visible: It is a benefit for librettists, actors, directors and technicians. The national industry also wins’, explained the representative Catalina Ortiz, author of the initiative.

The announcement was made during the ‘Colombian content on video on demand platforms’ forum, by the Head of the MinTIC, Sylvia Constain. The entity announced that the draft regulation is available to read it on its official website.