Osiptel enables to cancel telecommunications services gradually for non-payment in Peru

With the aim of reducing the high delay levels in telecommunications services payments, the Peruvian Telecommunications Private Investment Supervisory Agency (Osiptel) enabled operating companies to start cancelling telecommunication services gradually for non-payment in the country from today on.

According to what Osiptel has officially reported, the regulator informed that it has not cancelled telecommunications services for non-payment for more than 70 days, to make their availability sure during the pandemic. ‘However, high levels of non-payment services put investments aimed at maintaining quality, maintaining networks, increasing connectivity and guaranteeing their continuous provision in danger, especially when their demand has increased significantly during quarantine’. Osiptel reported about the announced measure.

Osiptel’s N° 043 resolution (2020) establishes that, from June 3rd, services will be cancelled for subscribers who have three or more unpaid bills; and, as of June 12th, services will be cancelled for those who keep debt of two or more monthly bills. In both cases, bills due may or may not be consecutive. According to Osiptel’s resolution, to implement the suspension, each operator must alert its clientes about the services cancellation not less than two business days before. In the announcement, the company must indicate the pending amount to be paid on each monthly bill and the term to pay them, as well as the expected date to cancel  the services and the possibility that the client will split the debt to avoid suspension.