Original YouTube’s productions to be available for free from September

YouTube announced that YouTube Original content, now exclusive only for YouTube Premium subscribers, will be offered for free and with ads for all the platform’s users, starting next September 24th.

According to what Google -the video  platform owner- officially reported, from that date, its series, movies and live events can be accessed for free, with no need to have a Premium account available. However, those Premium subscribers will have some special features enabled, such as watching contents with no ads, accessing all episodes from the moment they are released, downloading YouTube Original contents to watch them without an internet connection, and also accessing to additional exclusive material from YouTube Originals, like additional scenes (if available) and its director’s versions.   

YouTube Original’s content available at YouTube Premium is possible to distinguish by the ‘Premium’ badge found below the videos. YouTube Original’s availability of movies, series and episodes may be different, depending on countries and regions. Apart from making YouTube Original’s contents to all subscribers,  the platforms announced the addition of the ‘recommended downloads’ feature for its Premium subscribers, which will give them suggestions on what content to watch and download.

The OTT also informed that to original YouTube series and movies can be done from youtube.com and the YouTube app, available for mobile devices. In case that subscribers leaves the platform while watching a movie or episode, content can be resumed from where subscribers stopped watching it. YouTube TV subscribers can also access YouTube Originals without ads or additional costs. It is available on all devices with YouTube TV, on youtube.com or de YouTube app for mobile devices. And, if YouTube Premium is not available in a specific country, it is possible to visit Google Play Movies and TV to check if the title is available.