Optical Networks applies content protection to children on the internet

Peruvian telecommunications company Optical Networks is the first one in the country that generalizes a content filter in its internet offer, in order to improve children protection, according to what is established by the Law for the Promotion for a Safe and Responsible Use of Information and Communication Technologies for children and teenagers (Law N° 30.254).

According to Sandro Marcone, General Manager of Ingenio Learning, an Optical Group’s institution responsible for the digital talent training, for Optical Networks there will no longer be an internet service developed without the content filter, since it will be applied, from now on, to all its links on the internet by default. Customers may choose to deactivate it, at their own risk.

‘We will use all Optical Network’s communication channels to inform our customers about this new internet service feature, that allows them to block inappropriate content. We hope that other operators join us to protect children and young people in the country’, he ended.