Nokia and TV Azteca compete first 5G connectivity trial for TV broadcasting in Latin America

Finnish multinational company Nokia has officially announced on March 23rd that it has completed the first 5G connectivity trial for TV broadcasting in Latin America, together with TV Azteca (Grupo Salinas). The trial was conducted at TV Azteca’s premises in Mexico City.

As officially reported from Nokia, trials consisted on ‘HD/4K video images transmission directly from the cameras to TV Azteca’s encoding server, reducing video latency and increasing production efficiency and flexibility’. 

‘We are committed to delivering the best possible viewing experience to our audience. Our partnership with Nokia has not only allowed us to successfully test our video transmission capabilities across a secure 5G network, but also provided the groundwork for other use cases across Grupo Salinas’, reported Pedro Carmona Ortiz, CTO at TV Azteca. 

In addition, according to Marcelo Entreconti, Head of Enterprise, Latin America at Nokia, 5G technology has the potential to transform the broadcast industry, thanks to its reduced latency and cost benefits’. The executive also reported that this trial ‘has shown that TV Azteca can broadcast live events, in real time and without compromising quality, giving them a more competitive advantage in the market and demonstrating the opportunities that come with embracing 5G’ . 

From Nokia they have also highlighted that this trial demonstrated the potential of new applications for TV coverage in smart stadiums, as well as levering edge computing platforms to host augmented reality (AR) services or run event-related analytics. In addition, they mentioned that tests have also shown that 5G connectivity enabled more agile camera deployment and repositioning during live events, resulting in a more dynamic viewing experience.