Nickelodeon launches SpongeBob-based digital gameshow for Latin America

Nickelodeon Latin America announced the premiere of the ‘Bob Esponja Pantalones Sabelotodo’ digital gameshow, a web series produced by Viacom Digital Studios International (VDSI) Americas. It will be available from this Saturday, November 30th through the SpongeBob YouTube channel in Spanish.

‘We are very excited to bring this iconic Nickelodeon production to life through ‘Bob Esponja Pantalones Sabelotodo’, said Juan Ignacio Sixto, Emerging Business Senior Manager and VDSI Americas Project Leader. ‘We are convinced that this new and dynamic gameshow will impact Nickelodeon and SpongeBob’s digital audience, and will attract new fans’, he added.

Bob Esponja Pantalones Sabelotodo is a Nickelodeon’s games series created exclusively for YouTube. Based on the US version of the program (SpongeBob Smarty Pants), the series introduces SpongeBob fans answering trivia questions and overcoming thematic challenges of the character to earn the Golden Pineapple, which symbolizes SpongeBob’s home, under the sea . The series consists of six episodes and will be broadcast weekly.

For the first episode premiere, a YouTube Premiere will be held with an exclusive 30-minute countdown, where SpongeBob fans will have the opportunity to chat with the show’s presenters and get ready  to watch the premiere episode together with them.