Nextv debates on multiplatform content and new audiences for content consumption

During the second Nextv CEO Latin America day, leading conference organized by Dataxis, which took place this week at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Miami, the panel ‘Towards the new multiplatform audiences’ was attended by Emilio Aliaga, VP and General Director at Azteca Digital; Guillermo Sierra, Head of TV & Digital Services at HITN; Thomas McCarthy, Director Sales Latam at Bitmovin, and David Dockter, Head of Strategy & Analytics at Cable Bahamas.

Aliaga focused on the evolution of Azteca, which is to be at the points where TV does not reach. ‘We have four applications that range from how to watch traditional TV to several degrees of interactivity. We have to react immediately so as not to become obsolete’, he said. In this regard, Docker said that in Cable Bahamas ‘we have a platform for mobile streaming. Data helps us understand what users do and what they tune during the day’.

‘In Bitmovin we have developed software that allows us to find the best way to reach each audience. We treat mobile phones in the same way as big screens’, McCarthy said. In addition, Aliaga said that in Mexico, 90% of streaming consumption comes from mobile and ‘we must adapt to it’.

About multiplatform audiences, Sierra said that ‘we see that for the young public, mobile is the main device; Premium content is a part of the equation, there is also the format and original productions have been made. ”

‘We are living the golden age of the big TV productions. Consumption evolves but linear and mobile TV audiences are added’, said Aliaga.