The new web TV platforms analyzed the new online video business at the NexTV Series South America 2016


NexTV Series South America 2016 gathered on June 15th and 16th at the Plaza Hotel Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pay-TV, film, Free-to-Air TV and OTT executives as well as representatives of YouTube channels, to open the debate on new business models and the relationships between technology and service providers, value aggregators and content distributors.


The panel “The new online video business: New web TV platforms” analyzed how the business works on YouTube regarding revenue and marketing, strategies for multiple video social networks, branded content and how to launch a platform.


Alejandro Burato, CEO of FAV Networks, said: “Our focus was to partner with existing platforms with a strong focus on eight, nine verticals. It is easier to monetize being short content producers. A content production business is viable provided that is not based solely on monetizing each of the platforms but complemented by other alternatives. Traditional media and digital platforms are not competition, they are partners, we are different forms of distribution. It is very difficult that the positioned players don’t succeed in new media if they really want to”.


Mariano Kon, Platform TV VP, said: “We are detecting that not only the channels are making the decisions about the content but brands are starting to do so through unconventional advertising to digital natives. We are writing the manual at every step. Branded content is not just putting a big logo behind the talent. We must devise how to make the content attractive and how to integrate talent. There are no formulas, it is trial and error. There is a gap between the new contents of the new media that have their own star system. However, traditional media still operate as legitimizing agents and are important partners. I see big brands becoming content producers”.


Gloria Vailati, cofounder of FW TV, explained the origin of their platform: “Rather than jumping on YouTube we created our own platform. We are the leading web tv in Latin America. We have our content categorized. We include content from third-party partners, content designed for the internet, not only for our platform but to become part of the ecosystem. The percentage of the advertising pie that goes online is low but that is changing. It will be increasingly possible to be sustainable. We chose to launch as free platform with the idea of ​​eventually becoming a mixed model, depending on the evolution of the public’s response. Traditional TV was left behind with the paradigm shift in content creation. The same producers that make the products remain. With the democratization of internet users are the ones who decide who they want to watch within the universe of digital creators. Content distributors will have to adapt because the primary mean of consuming content will be online.


With more than 45 speakers (80% senior industry executives), more than 300 attendees and over 16 hours of networking, NexTV Series South America 2016 offers a unique opportunity to catch up on new trends in the Pay-TV market such as the rise of Multi-Channel Networks (MCN), the boom of Video on Demand (VOD) and the migration of all media (including radio and press) to multiplatform audiovisual format.