New Turner, El Trece, Pol-ka and Cablevision’s co-production starts to be filmed in Argentina

Argentine content producer Pol-la announced this week that it has started the ‘Tu parte del trato’ recording. This is an eight-episode thriller with black comedy and suspense elements, which will be watched on FTA TV through Canal 13, on pay TV with TNT, and via OTT on Cablevision Flow.  

This original series is written by Guillermo Amodeo and directed by Jorge Nisco, based on an original idea and characters by Amaya Muruzabal, developed by Dopamine Productions with Turner Latin America.

‘Tu parte del trato’ adds itself to the list of titles developed together by Canal 13, TNT and Cablevision Flow: El Tigre Veron (which is currently being broadcast), Otros pecados, El lobista, La fragilidad de los cuerpos, El maestro and Signos. The agreement between the companies started in 2017 and is aimed to develop two original series per year, for a 10 year-period.