New Premium soccer bundle estimated to have 7% of pay TV market in Argentina

According to data published by El Cronista newspaper, Argentina’s largest pay TV operator, Cablevisión already has 200,000 subscribers of the new “Fútbol Pack”, which includes the channels to watch the local tournament, while DirecTV has already marketed at least 180,000 packages.

If the numbers are extrapolated, it could be estimated that the Premium package would already have at least 560,000 subscribers, or 6.5% of the country’s total pay TV subscribers at the end of Q117, according to figures from Dataxis. This because Cablevisión had in the first quarter 39.1% of market share and DirecTV 29%. This way, both companies accounted for 68.1% of the total market in Argentina and its 380,000 subscribers represented 4.4% of the total.

However, this is an estimate since according to El Cronista it was not possible to obtain information from other companies that also offer the bundle. Pay TV channels FOX Sports Premium and TNT Sports have the rights to broadcast the local tournament. Until September 30, games are available in basic packages at no additional cost in standard quality.