New Premium soccer bundle adds subscribers in Argentina

After one month of the beginning of the local tournament, the new premium soccer bundle called Pack Fútbol, which includes the FOX Sports Premium and TNT Sports channels, continues to add subscribers in Argentina’s largest pay TV operators.

Cablevision, the main MSO in the country, said El Cronista that about 230,000 customers have already subscribed to the pack. This represents a 15% increase compared to the 200,000 reported only a few days ago.

Market sources estimated that DirecTV have already reached a similar number of subscribers of this pack. The DTH operator had started the month with about 180,000, so it has increased the subscriber base by 27.7%. However, data from other operators such as Telecentro and Supercanal, which also sell the new bundle, are still unknown.

So far, only three dates of the so-called Superliga Argentina de Fútbol have been played. The most popular teams, Boca and River, won all the matches and their current good results would drive the sales of the package, the Argentine newspaper reports.