New online concert video platform Go Music is launched in Latin America


The new online video platform Go Music (Go Live), dedicated to the transmission of live concerts in Video On Demand (VOD) mode, announced through a statement that it was released to the market through an alliance with companies Sony Music, Samsung, Movistar, Personal, Telcel and TVX.


Go Music will feature monthly subscription, weekly or Pay-Per-View (PPV) options for streaming with images at high resolution of up to 4K, as well as supporting video in 360 degrees. Thanks to its trade agreements, it will offer a catalog of music videos from recognized Sony Music artists on VOD.


“The music market is on a sustained growth. In Latin America, in 2014, for example, the growth of digital music increased by 124%. These are impressive numbers. This is how we made the decision to enter an innovative Revenue Sharing business model with the different actors involved in the business”, said CEO and founder of Go Music, Hernan Portugal.