New children’s channel Cartoonito will replace Boomerang in Latin America

Cartoonito, WarnerMedia‘s new children’s channel, will replace Boomerang on the pay TV grid in Latin America as of December 1st, as confirmed by the operator SKY Brasil in a press release. Last September, the brand that offers preschool content for the population between 2 and 6 years old debuted on the HBO Max platform with its own section.

After 20 years of transmitting content for children and adolescents in Latin America, Boomerang says goodbye to make way for a space dedicated to the little ones. Cartoonito was born in 2006 as a segment of Cartoon Network programming in the United Kingdom, and barely a year later it was properly launched as a channel. It wasn´t until 2021 that it arrived in the United States, also as a section of the grid, with the aim of reaching greater audience numbers, at the same time that it premiered on HBO’s OTT.

Last June, a Vimeo account released a trailer announcing the arrival of the signal in the region, but without a confirmed date. Llater, the brand’s YouTube channel announced it globally, stating that Cartoonito would be launched “very soon” in Latin America, while in the Asian continent it would premiere in 2022. However, the clearest confirmation was provided by SKY Brazil, which revealed in a statement that Boomerang will be phased out to replace it with the new channel.