Netflix’s latest original series, Yankee, starts production in Mexico City

Netflix has announced the start of production of its new original series in Mexico City, “Yankee”. It wil be produced by Argos, the company behind “Ingobernable”. The new series is scheduled to release in 2019.
“Yankee” will follow the story of Malcolm Moriarty (Pablo Lyle), a young entrepreneur from the United States who, to protect his family, crossed the border into Mexico and became a drug lord. Epigmenio Ibarra and Verónica Velasco will serve as executive producers.
This production joins the multiple originals filmed in Mexico, such as Ingobernable, Club de Cuervos, Luis Miguel and La Casa de Las Flores. In addition to Yankee, Netflix will be producing Justiciera, El club and El jefe, in partnership with Argos, the shows will premiere between 2019 and 2020.