Netflix trains professionals to produce original content in Colombia

A Netflix team trained 30 professionals in the Colombian audiovisual industry for the development of 4K productions in the country, in two workshops held this month at the Cinemateca Distrital de Bogota.

‘We are sure that Colombia is a country with a lot of potential, in which we are betting on in a long term, and in which we will produce many series, such as One hundred years of solitude, and an important part of this plan is focused on being able to work in the country with the best Colombian professionals and technicians’, said Francisco Ramos, VP of Original Content at Netflix in Spain and Latin America.

Ramos also expressed himself on the aim of the trainings, and explained that they were based on Colombian professionals ‘learning the workflow (including camera selection, tests and help between the production and postproduction departments), color management and management when reproducing images, from filming to the final results, image processes and other aspects, so that they have the technical skills for the development of quality series’, he explained.

The first production made by Netflix in Colombia was Distrito salvaje, in partnership with the Dynamo producer, whose second season will premiere next November 8th. Other series produced by Netflix in Colombia are Frontera verde, Siempre bruja and a Historia de un crimen.