Netflix to launch new Colombian original production in August

As announced in November 2019, Netflix continues developing original productions in Colombia and announced next August 14th as the premiere date for ‘El robo del siglo’, its new original production in the country. The news was confirmed by Netflix through the official trailer for the series, and by Colombian actor Andres Parra, its leading actor, through his official Twitter account.

‘El robo del siglo’ is a series based on the historical heist to the Valledupar Bank , which took place in 1994. ‘A master plan and the theft of billions of pesos left Colombia in chaos. Inspired by real events, get into the story of ‘El robo del siglo’ on August 14th, only on Netflix’, the OTT officially reported about its new Colombian original series plot.

Produced by the Colombian production company Dynamo, ‘El robo del siglo’ will last six 40-minute-episodes and, apart from Andres Parra, it will also be starred by Colombian actors Christian Tappan and Marcela Benjumea. The series joins other original Netflix productions in Colombia, such as “Chichipatos”; “Distrito salvaje”; “Siempre bruja”; “Frontera verde” and “Historia de un crimen: Colmenares”. 

In addition to the already mentioned titles is added the announcement made in March 2019, about the adaptation of ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ on Netflix, whose executive production will be in charge of Rodrigo Garcia and Gonzalo Garcia Barcha, sons of the Colombian writer and author of the novel, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Dynamo, meanwhile, has already worked with Netflix on different Colombian series for the platform, such as ‘Distrito salvaje’; ‘Frontera verde’; ‘Historia de un crimen: Colmenares’, and Mexican original series, like ‘Historia de un crimen: Colosio’; ‘Historia de un crimen: La busqueda’; and production services provided to ‘Narcos’.