Netflix to launch new Brazilian original productions and pans to double its investments in the country

Netflix has recently announced seven new Brazilian original productions that will be released soon as part of its catalog. News took place this last Wednesday, April 14th, during an event that the company held for journalists. In addition, the platform reported that it is planning to double its investments in Brazilian productions in 2022, compared to the figure for 2021.

Although Netflix has not announced the amount that will be invested in original Brazilian titles for this year yet, several specialized websites reported that, in 2020, the SVOD OTT made a R$ 350 million (about USD 60 millions)  investment in the country.

The first of the original Brazilian titles announced is the film ‘Carnaval’, a comedy produced by Camisa Listrada and directed by Leandro Neri and Luisa Mascarenhas. The second film announced by Netflix is ​​entitled ‘Confissões de uma garota excluida’, directed by Bruno Garotti. The platform also plans to release three more films, which are called ‘Vizinhos’ (also produced by Camisa Listrada), ‘Carga Maxima’, ‘Casamento a Distância’ and ‘Lulli’, produced by A Fábrica. Netflix will also produce the reality show ‘Ideias à venda’, produced by Floresta Produções; which is added to the series ‘Santo’, already announced, which will be produced in Brazil and Spain.

Netflix new Brazilian original productions boost the company’s bet in Latin America. Last week, Netflix announced that it will open its new headquarters in Colombia, where it plans to make more than 30 original productions. In addition, the OTT now has offices in Mexico City (Mexico); Los Angeles (US) and Alphaville (Brazil); and is planning the opening of its new headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina.