Netflix to increase its subscription prices in Mexico and Brazil

Netflix informed that it will modify its monthly subscriptions rate to all its clients in Mexico and Brazil. Both countries had not been affected by increases in the OTT subscriptions that were announced in more than 40  Latin American countries and the United States. New prices are ruled from Thursday, March 14th.

According to what the company reported, in Mexico Basic plan will rise from USD 5,78 to USD 6,72. The Standard will change  from USD 7.76 to USD 8.80, and the Premium will cost USD 11,92 instead of USD 10,36 . New prices will be applied for current subscribers in the next monthly bill, and immediately to the new ones

‘We changed our prices in order to continue investing in the best of entertainment, in addition to  improve Netflix experience for our subscribers in Mexico’, reported Sarah Stern, PR of Netflix, and added that ‘one month before the new price applies, already subscribed clients will be notified by email, as well as within the Netflix application’. The exact date for the increment will depend on their last billing date.

In Brazil, the Basic plan increased from USD 5.02 to USD 5.74. The Standard one changed from USD 7.32 to USD 8.63, and the current price of the Premium package is USD 12.04, when its previous one was USD 9.94.