Netflix to develop its first two original productions in Peru

Netflix announced that it will make a film and a series in Peru, which will be its first two original productions in the country. Both projects are expected to be released in 2021. With these news, the OTT continues to expand its original production plan in Latin America: it has recently announced new productions in Argentina, and plans to develop its own content in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

The first Netflix project in Peru will be a romantic comedy set in Cuzco, which will tell the story of a successful Spanish architect who, upon losing an important tender in his family’s hotel consortium, will travel to Peru to establish a seven-star hotel . There, he will meet a young woman who will change his worldview. The film, written by Peruvian screenwriter Bruno Ascenzo and produced by local producer Tondero Producciones, has no director and cast confirmed at the moment.

Apart from that, Netflix plans to develop a six-episode biographical series focused on Peruvian football player Paolo Guerrero, and filmed by Argentine production company Torneos. The project will be focused on the legal problems that Guerrero had to face in 2017, which prevented him from being part of the Peruvian National Team in the 2018 World FIFA Cup in Russia.