Netflix tests new shuffle button

As reported by the specialized website TechCrunch, Netflix tested a new shuffle button that selects what content to watch. The automatic choice made by the system plays randomly between a movie or series that the subscriber is currently watching, some content that they has saved in their lists or a title similar to some other that subscribers have already watched, The option, which is being tested in the app for TV, is only available to some subscribers from different countries in the world, including Spanish-speaking ones.

‘We are always looking for the best ways to connect members with the shows and movies that they will love. We develop these trials in different countries and during different periods of time, and we only make them available to users if they find them useful’, a Netflix spokesperson reported to the specialized website TAVI Latam.

According to TechCrunch, the company expressed that the idea behind the new button is to help viewers quickly and easily find content that suits their tastes. The button is available in several places, including the profile selection screen just below the selected user, in the side menu of options once inside the profile, and in the microsites of each title, as long as these have been chosen using this feature.

The new button is part of a series of trials in which Netflix wants to give more dynamics to the choice of content to play. As reported from TAVI Latam, Netflix has already tested a button in some popular series that allowed subscribers to start playing a random episode of them and another button in the side navigation bar that said ‘play something’, similar to the new button.