Netflix starts filming new Argentine series

The series “El Reino”, Netflix’s original new Argentine production, has began its filming process. This is a thriller produced by K&S Films, which will last eight chapters and will be released globally on the platform. Its creators are filmmaker Marcelo Piñeyro and novelist Claudia Piñeiro, and the project is produced by Matias Mosteirin.

‘El Reino’ focuses on the story of Emilio Vazquez Pena, candidate for his country’s Vice Presidence, whose partner candidate for President is killed during a campaign closing act. After that episode, and the possibility of becoming the new President, Emilio will try to find who the murderer is and what reasons led him to commit the crime, while preparing himself to lead the country.

The series joins other Argentine productions to premiere on Netflix globally, such as ‘Edha’, ‘Go! Vive a tu manera’, ‘Apache: la vida de Carlos Tevez’, ‘No hay tiempo para la vergüenza’, and other productions that will be launched this year, such as ‘Puerta 7’, which will be released on Netflix in February.