Netflix shows new Chilean films catalog

Netflix has made a special films made in the country selection in occasion of celebrating a new Independence Day, which is already available on the platform. Selected titles include Mi amigo Alexis, Aqui no ha pasado nada, El cristo ciego, Dry Martina, Bala loca and El reemplazante. 

Mi amigo Alexis is a film inspired by Alexis Sanchez, which is currently taking part of the Chilean National Team, who took his first steps in acting  together with actors Daniel Muñoz, Luciano González and Marco Baeza. The film focuses on the friendship between a child and his sports idol, on an optimistic journey, together with life’s problems. Another of the films available is Aquí no ha pasado nada, inspired by the case of Martín Larraín, son of former Chilean senator Carlos Larraín, who ran over a man in 2013. The plot follows a boy who, after a party with his group of friends, becomes involved in an outrage that does not remember clearly.

El Cristo ciego focuses on a young man who decides to start a journey through the Altiplano in search of his own salvation, of a friend and of those he knows in his path. The Chilean Michael Silva is the only professional actor involved in the film. The rest are locals who contributed to shape the plot of the film. Netflix also shows Dry Martina, a Chilean-Argentine comedy that follows Martina, a former Argentine pop singer who, after a love breakup, decides to travel to Chile to rediscover herself in sexual, professional and family terms.

The last two films are Bala loca and El reemplazante In the first case, it is a series about an investigation developed by disabled journalist Mauro Murillo, who denounced crimes in dictatorial period times, and later devoted himself to the journalism related to entertainment. Later, he founded an independent media and started an investigation about the death of a colleague, where he and his colleagues risk even their own lives. The series was aired on Chilean TV channel Chilevisión. In the case of El reemplazante, an important executive  was fired from his job and, because of his father and brother, who are engaged in teaching, decides to teach at a school with low-income students, and learn values he had previously set aside. The series had two seasons and aired on TVN.