Netflix releases two new series produced in Colombia in 2020

Netflix continues its commitment for the original content production in Colombia and announced it will launch ‘El robo del siglo’, produced by Dynamo, and the ‘Chichipatos’ comedy, by Caracol TV. Both contents will be officially released in 2020. 

‘El robo del siglo’ will be based on the historic heist to the Valledupar Bank, which took place in October 1994 and was known as ‘the heist of the century’ in Colombia. Produced by Dynamo, the series will have six 40-minute episodes, and will be released globally on Netflix in the second half of 2020. ‘The impact of the heist cataloged as the greatest of the century is really big. I am proud to be part of the recount of an event that meant a before and after in the country’s history’, said Colombian actor Andres Parra, who will be one of the leading actors in the series. 

The second production announced is ‘Chichipatos’, which strengthens Netflix’s commitment in Colombia for the comedy genre. With seven 30-minute episodes, the fiction will be starred by Colombian Antonio Sanint and will be produced by Caracol Televisión, which this year renewed its agreement with Netflix to develop new productions together over the next three years. ‘After we premiered stories that Colombians enjoyed so much in 2019, such as Siempre bruja -which already has its second season confirmed on Caracol TV-, Frontera Verde and the second season of Distrito salvaje, we continue betting on local talent and renew our commitment with Colombia with these two new series with very different genres, which, we are sure, will be enjoyed all over the world’, said Francisco Ramos, VP of Original Content for Latin America and Spain on Netflix.

Apart from the already mentioned titles, Netflix announced on March this year that it will adapt ‘One hundred years of solitude’, with executive production made by Rodrigo Garcia and Gonzalo Garcia Barcha, Gabriel Garcia Marquez sons.