Netflix puts ‘Luis Miguel, the series’ second season premiere off for 2021

Although Netflix planned to start recording ‘Luis Miguel the series’ second season this year, the plans had to be delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic and, finally, Netflix uploaded a video on its official Twitter account in which Mexican Diego Boneta, leading actor of the series, announced that the new season will be available on the platform in 2021.

The recordings, in charge of MGM Television Group and Gato Grande Producciones, began in February in Mexico City, but had to be interrupted in March, due to the advance of the Coronavirus worldwide.

From Gato Grande Productions they also confirmed last year that the Luis Miguel series will have a second season and, in relation to its plot, they reported that it will be a continuity of what was shown in the first one, and that it will delve into the conflicts and the balance between his private life and his status as an international star. ‘It is a continuity, with very important things and just as strong and difficult. It is everything that continues to be the life of a star, that there are no longer many, and knowing how difficult that balance is, between being someone normal and a star’, they reported.