Netflix plans to launch its first Chilean original series with Fabula

Netflix has announced through its official Twitter account for Latin America that it will soon launch its first original production made in Chile, which is called ‘42 dias en la oscuridad’. According to the information reported, the project will be produced by Fabula, owned by Chilean brothers Pedro and Juan de Dios Larrain.

The announcement of the first Netflix original series in Chile takes place almost a year after the platform, which, as of last December 31st, recorded more than 37 million subscribers in Latin America, premiered the movie ‘Nadie sabe que estoy aqui’, also produced by Fabula.

Regarding the plot of the new series, whose release date was not announced yet, it is a fictional police thriller based on real events, which follows the story of Veronica, a woman who disappears, and her sister Cecilia, who starts a race against time to find her. On her way, Cecilia will have to fight against the negligence of institutions, prejudices of society and the harassment of media.

‘We are very proud to make the first Chilean series for Netflix. It is a challenge and a great responsibility to create content that flies from our country to the world, to be watched by millions of viewers. We are very focused on quality, both in the script, as in the staging and in all aspects of the production’, said Juan de Dios Larraín.

News announced by Netflix strengthens its commitment to produce original content in Latin America. Days ago, the company confirmed that it will soon open new headquarters in Bogota, Colombia, a country in which it plans to make 30 original productions. In addition, it announced new projects in Brazil, as well as the opening of new headquarters also in Buenos Aires, Argentina.