Netflix now allows to change content speeds on Android mobile devices

Netflix has already enabled worldwide, also in Latin America, the possibility of changing the playback speed of its content on Android mobile devices. This way, subscribers of the platform that has recorded more than 36 million subscribers in Latin America at the end of Q2 2020, can choose between watching their favourite contents in a normal speed, slower (0.5x or 0.75x), or faster (1.25x or 1.5x). The new tool is called ‘Mobile Playback Speeds’.

‘After testing this new tool last year, with a good reception from users, we are going to launch it for Android mobile devices and we will also start testing it on iOS and the Internet’, Netflix reported in an official statement. ‘We have decided to go ahead for various reasons. DVD and DVR players have been offering similar features for years, and our users have been asking for it for years. And, above all, our tests show that consumers value the flexibility that this feature offers, both to rewatch a favorite scene and to slow down the playback because they are watching content with subtitles or have a hearing problem’, they added from Netflix .

In addition, Netflix reported that it  has made surveys among users who watched the same titles, both with and without the new tool, and they have shown that it did not influence their perception of the quality of the content. However, due to concerns voiced by the creative community, Netflix did not enable Mobile Playback Speeds on big screens such as TVs, and corrected the pitch of the audio at slower and faster speeds.