Netflix moves its Latin American regional headquarters to Mexico

After announcing the opening of offices in Mexico City (CDMX) in 2019, Netflix decided to move its headquarters for Latin America to the Mexican capital, where its programming, marketing and advertising executives for the region will be located. The company’s office in San Pablo will continue to command its operations in Brazil and the south of the region. Up to now, the planned date for the changes to be implemented has not been reported. 

‘Our teams from Brazil and southern Latin America will continue to be based in our Alphaville office (San Pablo, Brazil). All our teams, with the exception of Brazil and southern Latin America, will be based in this office, including content, marketing, communication and advertising workforce, among others. We do not have exact numbers of how many employees will be those who move at the moment’, a Netflix spokeswoman confirmed in a statement.

According to the company, ‘with CDMX as our base, we will be even closer to the creative community and members of the entire region, as we continue to invest in the best content of its kind that is appreciated in Latin America and throughout the world’.

At the end of Q4 2019, Netflix reported to have more than 30 million subscribers in Latin America. Apart from that, it announced a USD 200 million investment in Mexican local productions for this year.