Netflix makes Mexican box office decrease 4.6% in 2018

According to Cinematographic Industry National Camara (Conacine) data, Mexican box office decreased 4.6% in 2018 compared with the previous year, due to OTT VOD providers offers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Clarovideo.

In 2018, box office prices increased 5.8% compared to 2017, according to a Conacine report. Netflix did not include Mexico in its prices increases planned for 2019.

According to Dataxis, OTT VOD subscriptions raised in Mexico from 6 million in third quarter 2016 to 7.4 million in same period 2017, and reached 8.5 million in 2018, that is, more than one million subscribers per year. The biggest growth is almost done by Netflix, which, in 2018 surpassed 5.2 million subscribers in that country.