Netflix launches website with official ranking of the most viewed on the platform

Netflix launched a new website where it will update weekly the Top 10 of the most viewed titles on the platform, with the results of more than 90 countries. After having analyzed different possibilities, the streaming service decided to use the number of hours watched as the unit of measure, rather than based on the number of reproductions.

On the other hand, Netflix confessed that the indicator taken gives a certain advantage to series and films of longer duration, and that for that reason it will continue to disseminate other results with specialized metrics. Meanwhile, on the website that is already enabled in English and Spanish, the public will be able to access four global lists, in addition to those of each region, which will be renewed every Tuesday: Top 10 English-speaking films, English-speaking TV , non-English speaking films and non-English speaking TV.

On the other hand, the site will also offer a general list with the most popular content in the history of Netflix, which will be updated when there is new content that breaks records, as happened with the Korean Squid Game. In this case, the analysis is based on the number of hours seen during the first 28 days of the title on the OTT.