Netflix to launch Ultimate Beastmaster competition series with local versions in Mexico and Brazil


American OTT Netflix is ​​developing the new competition series Ultimate Beastmaster with local versions in six countries including Mexico and Brazil, local magazine Variety reported.


Produced by Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone and executive producer Dave Broome, the 10 one-hour episode series will be released simultaneously worldwide. It will also have local versions in the United States, South Korea, Germany and Japan.


The format of the competition will have 18 participants from each country who will have to overcome the obstacle course known as The Beast and each issue one Beastmaster will outcome winner. In the final chapter, the previous nine winners will compete against each other with the aim of becoming the Ultimate Beastmaster.


Conductors in Mexico will be sports journalist Ines Sainz and actor Luis Ernesto Franco while in Brazil the series will be hosted by UFC champion Anderson Silva and comedian Rafinha Bastos.