Netflix includes linear channel as part of its catalog

Netflix has announced last week that it has included a linear channel as part of its content offering for the first time. The SVOD OTT, which records 36.3 million subscribers in Latin America according to its latest quarterly results report, named its new channel ‘Direct’, in which it will broadcast series such as ‘The Crown’; ‘Money Heist’; ‘Family Business’, and others. Up to now, the new offer is not available in Latin America.

As reported by the company, Direct is initially available in France, where it is being gradually implemented only through Netflix web version. The plan is for the channel to be available to all subscribers in that country by early December. ‘We are testing a new option in France, where traditional TV consumption is very popular and many viewers like the idea of ​​programming that avoids having to choose what to watch’, they expressed from the company. 

According to the latest Netflix quarterly results report, the SVOD OTT ended Q3 2020 with 36.3 million subscribers in Latin America. Although the figure shows an increase in relation to the number of clients reported at the end of Q2 2020 in the region, during the last three months there was a slowdown in terms of new subscribers, since the platform added only 256 thousand compared to 36,068 million that the company had at the end of June. Also, globally, Netflix barely added 2.2 million customers.