Netflix expands relief fund to audiovisual industry workers to USD 150 million

Netflix announced it is expanding the industry workers relief fund it has announced in March, from USD 100 million to USD 150 million, as reported by the specialized website Variety

Of the USD 100 million initially announced by Netflix, USD 85 million would go to workers from its own productions, which are cancelled by the Coronavirus pandemic, and the remaining USD 15 million would be distributed among workers in the audiovisual industry, not necessarily linked to Netflix. This way, in Latin America, the OTT recently allocated USD 1 million in support of the Mexican audiovisual industry, and another million in support of the Brazilian one. And now, the OTT announced a USD 50 million expansion. According to Variety, with the expansion, Netflix plans to help its production workers this month, which are still paralyzed by the pandemic. 

Netflix’s Head of Worldwide Physical Production, Ty Warren, reported to Variety that the company is working on developing the proper protocols to ensure a safe working environment in a post-pandemic world, though what exactly that entails is not yet clear. ‘My hope is in seven weeks we will have a much better idea of what that looks like’, he said, to later add that, on Netflix, they are ‘super dependent upon those people and wanted to make sure that we as a company did the right thing’.