Netflix expands investments and orders new original series in Latin America


Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos announced new investments in original productions from Latin America, “the most important and dynamic region behind the United States,” the executive said during the “Vive Netflix” event held in Mexico City.

Sarandos announced the new original series “Diablero”, set to film entirely in Mexico, as well as stand-up comedy specials, with 21 new comedians from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil hitting Netflix throughout 2017 and 2018.

“Diablero” is based on the book “El Diablo me obligó” and is a horror fantasy thriller centered around Father Ramiro Ventura, a fallen priest who finds himself seeking the aid of legendary “diablero” or demon hunter Elvis Infante.

Along with the new stand-up specials, Diablero joins a larger slate of original productions being filmed in Latin America including “Ingobernable”, “Club de Cuervos”, “La Casa de las Flores”, “Edha”, “Narcos”, “Samantha!”, “O Mecanismo”, “O Matador” and “3%”, among others.

Sarandos said Brazil’s thriller “3%” and the Mexican political drama “Ingobernable” have captivated audiences worldwide, with followers in South Korea, Italy, Turkey and Australia.

In the same lines, Todd Yellin, Vice President of Product Innovation at Netflix, highlighted the good performance of “Narcos”. “We believed that the US audience would not see Latino programs with subtitles, but with Narcos we take that impression away,” the executive said.