Netflix could remove the entire Pixar catalog to include it in Disney+

Pixar’s films could stop being part of  Netflix catalog to migrate to Disney +, the new OTT that Disney plans to launch at the end of the year. The studio, created in 1979, will be 24 years old in 2019 since it launched Toy Story, its first computerized film, in 1995.

Of the 20 feature films produced by Pixar, 15 of them are now part of the Netflix content library. Among the titles that are still available are the Toy Story’s  first three parts, the Car’s saga, which is available almost totally, and the first two volumes of Lightning McQueen adventures, and others such as Monsters Inc, Monsters University , The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Intensely and Wall E.

The company plans to launch the fourth part of Toy Story in Brazil in June this year, and Onward, new Disney’s production, will be available in 2020, initially in the US.