Netflix continues to bet on Brazilian original productions with new documentary about Pele

Netflix has released on February 4th the official trailer for ‘Pele’, the platform’s new original documentary, focused on the former Brazilian football player’s life, whose global premiere is scheduled for next February 23rd.

As reported from the platform in relation to the plot of ‘Pele’, the documentary will show the former Brazilian football player remembering his experiences. In addition, archive footage and interviews with other former Brazilian footballers close to Pele, such as Mário Zagallo; Amarildo Tavares da Silveira and Jarizinho; family members, artists and other people who have witnessed Pele’s legacy in Brazilian football will also participate. The documentary, from Pitch Productions, is directed by David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas, and was produced by Oscar-winning Canadian filmmaker Kevin Macdonald.

‘Soon, I will have the opportunity to relive my memories. On February 23, my story will be told in a documentary produced by Netflix. I am excited to watch!’ reported Pele, champion with the Brazilian National Team in the World Cups disputed in Sweden (1958); Chile (1962) and Mexico (1970), on his official social networks in mid-January, regarding the new documentary.

In addition to the premiere of the new documentary focused on Pele, Netflix has recently confirmed its plans to launch five new unscripted original productions in Brazil, which will be released throughout the year and include reality shows, documentaries and entertainment programs. Apart from that, as part of its Q4 2020 quarterly results presentation, Netflix reported having ended the year with more than 37 million subscribers in Latin America. In addition, the platform reported that, as of December 31st, 2020, the Brazilian film ‘La navidad es mi condena’ (Tudo Bem no Natal que Vem), was watched in around 28 million households globally.