Netflix continues betting on Mexican productions and confirms second season for ‘Control Z’

Netflix announced the renewal of its new Mexican original series “Control Z“, produced by Lemon Studios, for a second season a week after having released the first.

‘The series is set in the Colegio Nacional, in Mexico, and focuses on a group of teenagers. The story takes place when a hacker begins to share intimate secrets of the students, who decide to discover its identity. Sofia, who stars the series, is a new and antisocial student, who, using her deductive skills, aims herself to discover the hacker’s identity. Aiming to keep more secrets from coming to light, Sofia will learn to make friends and be more empirical with her mates. Maybe, she will even find love sooner’, reported Netflix about the plot of ‘Control Z’.

‘Control Z’ is the second production by Lemon Studios for Netflix after ‘Monarca’, and was created by Carlos Quintanilla, Adriana Pelusi and Miguel Garcia Moreno. The first season lasts eight 60-minute episodes, and was released last May 22nd.