Netflix announces new anime series

Netflix will launch two new anime series in 2019 and will renew “Aggretsuko” for a second season. The official announcement was made by the streaming platform at Anime Expo 2018.
One of the series is Ultraman, a sequel to the classic of the 60s centered on a man possessing the spirit and DNA of the legendary hero “Ultraman” as he wears a metallic ultra suit and fights against evil. It is produced by anime studio Production IG and Sola Digital. It will be directed by Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki.
Next year Netflix will also premiere “Kengan Ashura”, which will be produced by Lark Entertainment and directed by Seiji Kishi. The series shows the story of Kazuo Yamashita, a 56-year-old man who is summoned by the chairman of his company and hired as a gladiator.
In addition, Netflix confirmed that “Aggretsuko” will return in 2019 for a second season. This is a series produced by Fanworks, which features a character originally created by Sanrio, the creator of Hello Kitty.
The offer of anime shows is complemented with titles like “GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle”, which will be released on July 18; “Dragon Pilot”, which will be available on September 21 and “Cannon Busters” (premiere in March 2019).