Netflix adds new productions in Colombia

Rodrigo Mazon, Netflix Vice President of Content Acquisition for Latin America and Spain, said that the OTT will continue betting on content production in that country, and gave details of the ones that are being developed. Among them, he highlighted the adaptation of “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, the agreement with Caracol Televisión and the second season of Distrito Salvaje, the first Netflix series that was filmed in Colombia.

Since the arrival of Netflix in Colombia, in 2011, the OTT worked together with local content creators. Distrito Salvaje, the first Colombian series that was released on Netflix, is in its second season filming process. ‘Apart from Distrito Salvaje, we are also working on other local projects such as Historia de un crimen, inspired on Luis Andrés Colmenares case. The eight episodes will be produced by the Colombian Dynamo and will be directed by Felipe Cano and Felipe Martínez. Frontera Verde is a project produced by Ciro Guerra and directed by Laura Mora and Jacques Toulemonde’, said Mazon, regarding OTT’s production plans in the country.

Recently, the adaptation of One Hundred Years of Solitude, by the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez to the OTT platform was also announced. ‘We are working hard on the development and we plan to dedicate a lot of time and investment to achieve the best possible series. We want to represent this important Colombian iconic story and take it to the whole world. It will have writers and talent from Colombia’, said Mazon. In addition, Netflix ran an agreement with Caracol Television to produce nine local series over the next three years. Serie Bruja, the first of them, is now available.

‘Our idea is to continue investing with our local partners and we will be able to achieve it. We will work hard to find those stories and take them to Netflix through a purchase, co-production or original production. We are happy with Colombian business and this will continue to be a priority for us’, he said.