Netflix adds new original production in Brazil with Gullane

As part of the announcement recently made by Netflix to increase the number of series recorded in Brazil, the platform will produce ‘Boca a boca’, the new original series that it plans to launch together with the Brazilian film and TV contents producer Gullane.

Boca a boca, created and scripted by Esmir Filho, will last six episodes of 45 minutes each, and will be focused on the expansion of an epidemic in a Brazilian city, caused by kissing. The new production joins the already released ‘3%’ (three seasons); O mecansimo’ (two seasons) ‘Samantha!’ and ‘Coisa mais linda’. ‘O escolhido’, adaptation of the Mexican thriller ‘Niño santo’, will debut on Netflix tomorrow.

Recently, the platform announced that it will adapt the British series Dead Set, created by Charlie Brooker, creator of the Black Mirror series, in Brazil. The name of the project will be Reality Z, and will feature the production of Conspiração Filmes, which has content for films, advertising, TV, branded content, streaming and digital services. In addition, as part of the series production project, Netflix announced the upcoming arrival of Super Drags, Ninguém tá olhando, Cidades intensiveis, Irmandade, Spectros, Onisciente and Sintonia.