Net TV celebrates its first anniversary with good results on its website

The website of Net TV, Argentine DTT channel launched last October 1st, 2018 owned by Perfil Network, managed to position itself as the second most visited, behind Canal 13 and in front of Telefe. The channel’s official website also reported that, according to data from SimilarWeb, the Net TV website recorded 6.68 million visits in August.

‘This year’s goal was for us to be successful, and that is to grow in relation to ourselves. We quickly reached the fifth place, and then we ranked third. When we were in the third position  we were very happy. Now, we are second. We have an amazing traffic result, and we want to surprise that large number of people from the technological point of view’, said Cristian Hernandez, Perfil Network’s Original Content Director.

Perfil Network launched Net TV in 2018. It is the first channel that joined Argentina’s FTA TV in the last 52 years, with a multiplatform strategy. According to Hernández, Net TV website is successful  because it ‘reflects Argentine people interests’. In this regard, he said that ‘Argentines love food, laugh, show, current news and politics, more now with everything that happens. Net takes care of that and its website takes care of everything. That is reflected on number of visits we have in less than a year’.